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New Online Annual Report for Kellock Lodge

Kellock Lodge Alexandra Inc. embraces digital for their
2017-2018 Annual Report

Kellock Lodges 2017-2018 Annual Report is now available on-line at ar2018.kellocklodge.org.au

Kellock Lodge Annual Report 2018
Kellock Lodge Annual Report Overview 2018

To ensure that all residents, families, and stakeholders have access to the report it was decided to provide a two-page printed overview.

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A few Online Annual Report benefits at a glance…

  • Presenting Kellock Lodge as a leader in areas of communication and reporting
  • Very easy distribution and access for all
  • Opportunity to save money through the once off cost of set up with the ability to use the same web-based functionality year after year and no more expensive printing
  • Opportunity to save trees
  • Alleviate worry of ‘page and/or word count limits’
  • Photos that aren’t high enough resolution for a printed book, are acceptable for online
  • If a typo gets caught after publishing—immediate fix (instead of costly reprint)
  • Find out if your report is really getting read, and the specifics of which pages are being read the most – the pages in the report can be monitored through the use of Google Analytics
Future opportunities include
  • On-going cost reduction
  • On-going flexibility future reports can be easily produced using the current template
  • Add ‘personality’ by easily including video, sound, animation, interactivity
Some arguments against producing an online annual report:
  1. We’ve always done a printed book – it’s good enough
  2. Our stakeholders expect a printed book
  3. Our stakeholders are not very computer-savvy
  4. We do not have enough time; our web administrator is overwhelmed as it is
Responses to these arguments
  1. We’ve always done a printed book – it’s good enough!
    These days Kellock Lodge does not have to stay at the ‘good enough’ standard in regard to communication with residents, families, staff and stakeholders. We have in the past, at least posted our static PDF version of the printed book onto our website and now we can bring the report to life in its own section of the website.
  2. Our stakeholders expect a printed book!
    Shareholders nowadays want to know not only of your company’s financial situation but also sustainability and environmental efforts. This online report is environmentally friendly and can be used as a viable marketing tool. This innovation provides so much more than the dry mandated information.
  3. Our stakeholders are not very computer-savvy!
    In January 2017, the Pew Research Centre reported that roughly nine of every ten adults use digital resources daily. In 2000, the data showed less than 25% of individuals aged 65+ used the internet. By the end of 2016, that number was well beyond 50%. An easy way to determine if an online annual report would be a viable option for your stakeholder base, ask them. You may be surprised by the results.
  4. We do not have enough time; our web administrator is overwhelmed as it is!
    If you are following online ‘best practices’, your website should already be the most current, up-to-date source for your company’s information—a lot of which can be re-crafted to include in your annual report. Think of an online annual report as an extension of your website.
Google Analytics enables you to see and measure the most popular elements of our Annual Report.

There’s no way to measure what really happens to your printed annual report when it is finally received by your shareholders. What percentage of the book gets read? Were the readers provided with all the information they were looking for? Did the book even reach its intended destination? Besides offering our stakeholders a quicker, more robust option to engage with us, a digital annual report gives you the ability to really find out what’s most important to the readers of your report through analytics. Discovering the data for the pages people are clicking on the most and how long they’re staying on those pages lets you know if, and how much, your annual report is actually being read.

For further information please contact:

Jo Cavill – Phone: 03 5770 2100 Email: jcavill@kellocklodge.com.au or
Annie O’Shea – Phone: 0412 169 664 or Email: annie@webstrategies.net.au

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