15 Bon Street
Alexandra VIC 3714

Phone: 03 5770 2100
Fax: 03 5772 2360


Terms, Conditions and Confidentiality


At any one time there may be a number of positions available within the Kellock Lodge Alexandra Team (see Open Vacancies )

Before applying for any of the positions listed, please check to see if the role requires you to address any selection criteria. If there is a position description attached, you should address the selection criteria (Knowledge, Skills and Experience) contained there-in.

Please include the ‘Address of the Selection Criteria’ either within your resume, or within your covering letter.

If there is no position description associated with the role you are interested in, you can contact our Corporate Services Manager on 5770 2100.


Your application will be treated as strictly confidential under the Privacy Act of 1988 and National Privacy Principles and will be used in connection with prospective employment with this facility. Kellock Lodge reserves the right to check details, however, no approach will be made to your current employer without your permission. All new employees are required to complete an application for employment form.

There are a number of key questions on the form, which are explained as follows:


During the recruitment process, it is essential that we check prospective employees’ entitlement to work in Australia in accordance with the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs’ guidelines.


Before an official offer of employment is made, whether an internal or a new employee, at least two reference checks must be made. The referees given by the individual must be recent, professional and ideally include their current employer. If in doubt as to the nature of the referees, the applicant may be asked for clarification and additional referees if necessary.


We are committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees. It is our objective to ensure that employees are not required to work in duties that they are not able to perform safely. Please address Key Selection Criteria on Position Description as part of your application.