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Alexandra VIC 3714

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Laundry Service

A full laundry service operates within our on-site commercial laundry at no additional cost to residents.

The service will wash all clothing items that can be washed by a standard machine cycle and tumble dried. Items requiring special care, such as woollens, need to be attended to by the family.

All items of clothing must be clearly, but discreetly labelled with the resident’s name.

Kellock Lodge have a labelling service to assist with this requirement.

Residents generally require frequent changes of clothing therefore it is important to ensure residents have an adequate supply of clothes for day to day use. Clothing should be adequate in size, design and material to accommodate ease of dressing and undressing.

The up-keep of resident’s clothing, including underwear, remains the responsibility of the resident/family. Residents’ washing is attended to weekly, and by care staff as required.