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Kellock Lodge Quality Care Update

Prompt action by Kellock Lodge Alexandra Inc. in response to the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency accreditation recommendations

Kellock Lodge has taken prompt action to rectify areas that the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) found did not meet all of the “expected outcomes” for accreditation.

The Department of Health and AACQA have both approved the implementation of a new Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) at Kellock Lodge Alexandra Inc. (Kellock Lodge). The CIP, developed by Kellock Lodge Board and Management provides a comprehensive response to the AACQA findings.

The Board of Kellock Lodge considers the delivery of high quality care non-negotiable and has, on the basis of the AACQA audit, established a working group to implement the improvement plan.

The improvement plan has been informed by a rigorous appraisal of all Kellock Lodge’s systems, processes, policies and procedures. This will be the most comprehensive upgrade of quality systems and personnel ever undertaken at Kellock Lodge. It will ensure that Kellock Lodge continues to deliver the highest quality care to our residents as their care needs increase.

Cassandra Fraser, Kellock Lodge’s new Clinical Care Coordinator has been given a lead role in the development and implementation of the improvement plan. Cassandra is supported by a team of highly skilled specialist consultants and, along with a committed clinical and support staff, will ensure that all residents continue to receive the highest quality care into the future.

The Board is committed to this comprehensive action because the delivery of high quality care and resident wellbeing is of the highest priority for the Board of Kellock Lodge.

John Sharwood
Chair of Kellock Lodge