15 Bon Street
Alexandra VIC 3714

Phone: 03 5770 2100
Fax: 03 5772 2360


Our Services

Kellock Lodge Alexandra Inc. features the latest medical and information technology including clinical monitoring equipment, lifters, spa bath, electric beds, mattresses and medications.
  • 24 hour Personal Nursing and Medical Care
  • Cleaning service
    – All rooms are fully serviced on a needs basis at no additional cost to residents.
  • Private Telephone Service
    – Each resident has their own telephone available for incoming calls. Upon request, connection for outgoing calls is available and is billed monthly.
  • Free WiFi Access
  • 24 hour Security Camera Surveillance
    – To ensure the safety and security of residents, staff and visitors, continuous recorded camera surveillance operates in public areas.
  • Kellock Shop
    – Kellock Shop is open every Tuesday and enables residents to shop independently for personal supplies. Residents may request specific items be made available through the shop system.
  •  Library
    – We are pleased to offer a comprehensive array of reading material for all tastes and are very fortunate to have the services of the Alexandra Library, which provides us with additional reading material on a regular basis.
  • Seniors Internet Kiosk
    – Kellock Lodge are proud to be hosts of the government initiative ‘Broadband For Seniors’ which allows our residents to connect with family and friends via the internet. The program is specifically designed for seniors and our trained volunteers are available to assist each participant as they gain confidence and skills. Seniors can learn to email, surf the internet, and Skype, whilst learning how to stay safe online.
  • Hairdressing Salon and Visiting Hairdresser
  • Daily Newspaper Delivery
    – The local Alexandra Newsagency delivers newspapers to Kellock Lodge on a daily basis.
  • Electrical Testing and Tagging
    – To comply with government regulation, an ongoing test and tag maintenance program is coordinated by our qualified maintenance officer for all residents’ electrical appliances.