15 Bon Street
Alexandra VIC 3714

Phone: 03 5770 2100
Fax: 03 5772 2360


Snippets of Thanks

Myself and my family would like to say thank you to all the staff at Kellock Lodge starting from Jo to all the other staff it is not easy what you all do on a daily basis and even more difficult with this corona virus. It is the most difficult and hideous thing to have the person you have loved and adored ravaged by Alzheimer’s and to watch the decline is heartbreaking. Thank you all for taking the phone calls when I ring and being so supportive. We know [name withheld] is well cared for and treated with the respect and dignity he so deserves. Kellock is a very happy facility so just want to say thanks you are all wonderful. Stay safe we are all in this together and hope to see you when its safe for all many thanks.”

Just a note and gesture of thanks for all your professionalism, care and love you are all giving in looking after our loved ones in this difficult time. I know that mum is in good hands.  There will always be a friendly chat, smile or the help and support that will make her days a little better.  Thank you from all.

Thank you for the care and support you are giving [name withheld] and the other residents. It is a worrying time for all and everyone of the staff have been very supportive under trying conditions

We sincerely thank all the staff for their care and kindness given to our Dad [name withheld] during his time at Kellock. We realise it can be a difficult and frustrating job at times and yet staff were always good humoured and accommodating.  Kellock presented itself as a clean, comfortable and well managed facility with good staff morale and we thanks the Board and Management for that.  How lucky are we to have such a wonderful local facility.  Wishing you all well with these extra stressful times.  So grateful for your kindness.

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