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66th Wedding Anniversary


66 Years of marriage is an amazing record and Tom was heard saying that the celebration, put on by the caring staff, made this the best anniversary ever!

All those years ago Tom, in the Navy and located at Portsmouth, spied Betty while she was on holidays with her cousin. So smitten was he that he proposed and were married within six months of meeting.

“Betty looked tall and elegant and someone I could take home to meet mother!” said Tom with a glint in his eye.

Betty is still tall and elegant and enjoying her life at Kellock Lodge Alexandra with Tom, a policeman for 40 years, visiting every day.

This is a remarkable achievement when currently 1/3 of marriages end in divorce after 12 years.

Betty and Tom obviously have old fashioned values and an old fashioned love and each could say:

” I’ve got that old fashioned love in my heart and here it will always remain.

My love is like a clinging vine, it clings a little closer all the time.

Though all the dry land change to sea, there will never be a change in me.

I’ve got that old fashioned love in my heart.

By James P Johnson

Tom and Betty have two sons, five grandchildren and, in June 2018, they will become great grand parents.

Staff at Kellock Lodge respect that this is the residents home and love surprising on them on such special occasions. Vicki and Heather presented this delicious chocolate cake, a joy to behold, and needless to say did not last long.

Best wishes to Betty and Tom and their family on such a wonderful occasion.

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